Zanka, Balaton Lake (Hungary), 27-28.07.2013

24 hour non-stop mountain bike directly at Lake Balaton
In this unique and spectacular tournament, teams of maximum 6 people are being up against each other and themselves during the 24 hours. The race is taking part in a 5 km long, various circular track, the winner is the one who does the most rounds. Only one person from each team rides at a time and teammates can switch each other in the designated zone.
The largest mountain bike event of the season
Last year 190 teams took part in the competition, but in this year, we will exceed this with around 1000 people inclunding visitors. This special area is uniquely positioned to comfortably accommodate such numbers.
What to bring? well prepaired mountain bike and helmet, front-, rear and helmet lamp, lots of batteries, toothbrush, a portable alarm clock, for the entry ID card, or licence card (if you have), fans and friends who keep you awake!, survival equipment, sleeping bags, tents…
*** Echipa C.S.TIBISCUS - Locul III ***

Tiziano Balia

Florian Dobrin

Cristina Hamza

Gergo Kovacs

Zsolt Kovacs

Marius Ragobete

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